Redesigning Innovation: Life Science Entrepreneurship on a Global Scale


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讲座时间:2019年10月17日  18:30 - 20:00


讲座嘉宾Barthalomew (B.A.) Sillah(Founder and Managing Partner of Kola Global


Healthcare is in need of innovation. Rising costs and in the face of inconsistent outcomes threaten the stability of health systems. Emerging technologies offer to create more value with better outcomes and access to care. This talk will explore how to support healthcare innovation and bring those advancements across borders to reach patients around the world. 


Barthalomew (B.A.) Sillah, MD is founder and Managing Partner of Kola Global, a consulting and management firm providing support in business strategy, commercialization strategy, and transaction execution for foreign investment firms and life science companies. Prior to founding Kola Global, B.A. worked in the investment arm of Militia Hill Ventures and as a Strategy Fellow with Talee Bio, Inc. (now Spirovant Sciences). B.A. earned his MD at the University of Pennsylvania and MBA at Wharton Business School. He holds a degree in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology from Harvard University.


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